Property Pre-Design Assessment

Property Pre-Design Assessment (PPA) is a service provided by T2, independent from any architectural service. The goal of PPA is to inform you, the owner, of the limitations and possibilities of your specific property before you decide to build, by providing you with lot-specific information from municipal planning and building codes to help determine what may be feasable with a particular building or property.

We have also provided several informational articles written for the commercial property owner, business owner or homeowner considering a new building project. The information is directed towards the individual with little-to-no previous exposure to the design and construction process. It is my hope that the insights presented within these articles will both address some of your initial questions and help prepare you for your upcoming project.

PPA Residential Brochure
PPA Commercial Brochure

T2 Design Approach
Planning for a Project
Selecting an Architect
Working with your Architect
Selecting a Builder
Code Mapping Outline

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