Willow Glen Town Center
San Jose, CA
Civic Village

The Willow Glen Town Center aimed to create a welcoming public presence that would provide a notable gateway into the Willow Glen Neighborhood Commercial District. The corner plaza provides a public gathering space for the community with the building's prominent entrance tower rising as a civic demarcation when entering the district.

The existing commercial street had a significant building stock of Mediterranean style buildings that dated to the 1920's and 1930's. We felt it appropriate to embrace and continue this community identity by designing a Contemporary Mediterranean style building. Significant design challenges included building a bridge over a historic building, which would be occupied during the construction process.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.
Targeted LEED Silver

River Rock Apartments
Mishawaka, IN
City Rejuvination

A new 73 unit multifamily complex along the St. Joseph River in Mishawaka, Indiana. This project has become a key to the City's Redevelopment of Downtown Mishawaka. The City had a vision of investing and building a new “Riverwalk Parks” system along the river. For the past 20 years they have been working to create an inviting pedestrian environment for new residents to move to adjacent to their downtown.

The design concept was to insert a contemporary urban scale building into the surrounding nostalgic traditional building fabric. It aimed to be a stimulus of new energy for future development. It has succeeded in its goal and sparked more dense housing development to occur in this regional northern Indiana city.

People refer to it as the 'White Building on the River', even though it has other colors: orange, brown and gray. The predominance of white that cloaks the River Rock Apartment Building was intended to link the two sides of the city by connecting to and amplifying the white concrete of the Main St. Bridge leading in and out of Downtown Mishawaka. The city now has its first piece of contemporary architecture, which the community has adopted as its own with pride and appreciation for its prominent presence on the downtown riverfront.

Center Street Building
Berkeley, CA
Quiet Elegance

The goal for this project was to insert an additional floor into an existing two-story landmark building, which in its last incarnation was being used as a two-floor movie theater. We thoughtfully approached this project, respecting what was remaining of the original historic facade while infusing it with a contemporary elegance.

Along with the insertion of the additional floor, which was pulled back from the front facade so as not to disturb the historic windows, we designed all of the tenant spaces throughout the building. We created a new entrance lobby for the office floors above along with a new ground floor facade with its copper and wood eyebrow awning.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.

SFSU Cafe Rosso
San Francisco, CA
Gypsy Cart

The San Fransisco State University (SFSU) Cafe Rosso created an open-air cafe, intended as a destination spot for the students on the SFSU campus. The building design emerged from the desire for the new cafe to feel as open as possible, while being able to close down securely at night.

Since the campus is near the ocean, with the associated bay area fog, we clad the building with a metallic skin to reflect the diffuse light and provided a translucent roof to allow light in.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.

River Gate South Apartments
Plymouth, IN
River-Downtown Link

A new 39 unit multifamily complex along the Yellow River. The City of Plymouth applied for Regional and State Grants to contribute to their City's Downtown Redevelopment. The City toured other regional city redevelopments and saw what the City of Mishawaka was doing and the River Rock Apartment Building that had been built. They related to and wanted a contemporary vision for a new housing project along their river's edge of downtown. This new housing project would support new residents living in downtown, as well as serve as a backdrop to the downtown's river edge and promenade which they had previously built a few years earlier.

The design concept was again to insert contemporary buildings which would become a stimulus of new energy and life to a neglected and important site in the city. As the City called it, 'River Gate South'; a gateway across the Michigan St. Bridge into and out of Downtown Plymouth.

In this context we envisioned three buildings that would form a village like setting along the river's edge and merge into the residential neighborhood to the south and east. A new pedestrian bridge is part of the project connecting the downtown, park and bike paths on the north side of the Yellow River. Construction begins July, 2017.

1810 Sixth Street
Berkeley, CA
Contemporary Craftsman

1810 Sixth Street added a new architectural studio to an existing 1960's office building. We attached the studio to the rear of the existing building along with its required parking below so that the existing building could be occupied during construction.

The form of the addition was generated by the internal and external functions of the program. The vaulted roof contains the open studio, which is an extrusion and transformation of the existing building's shed roof. The projected volume clad with wood siding is cantilevered out from the building in order to direct visitors toward the new hidden entry. The roll up glass door of the conference space encourages merging of exterior and interior with a continuous flow to and from the entrance terrace.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.

Gold's Gym
Redwood City, CA
Signature Entry

The Gold's Gym project created a dynamic signature entrance piece that acknowledged the 'Googi' architectural heritage of the existing monumental sign and the era that Gold's Gym was founded. The client admired the fluidity of the lines of a 1965 corvette and asked for this fluidity to be reflected in the architectural design.

The new entrance was inserted into a blank concrete wall that faced the building's parking area and the exit ramp from the adjacent freeway. The design is a reflection of the automotive culture from which the 'Googi' style was born.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.

Yikalo Warsai Building
Oakland, CA
Vivid Rebirth

The Yikalo Warsai Building renovation provided a rebirth to a dilapidated building located in a transitional neighborhood of Oakland,CA. Before the building fell into disrepair, the building was the meeting place for the Oakland Eritrean Community who gathered together to strategize and support Eritrea's independence from Ethiopia.

The insertion of a new clock tower along with a vivid color palette intended to evoke a new beginning of hope and joy for the citizens of area. The new corner cafe which specialized in Eritrean cuisine, was intended to reflect the contemporary Eritrean culture through the use of texture and color and to reestablish a community gathering space.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.

Pleasant Hill Retail

Pleasant Hill, CA
Pastime Rhythm

The Pleasant Hill Building transformed a non-descript 1960's strip building into having a striking new presence along a major automotive artery. To create a viaual presence we inserted new vertical elements with their asymmetrical cadence to capture the eye of the rapidly moving automotive community.

The inspiration for the building's character was derived from baseball stadiums of the of the 1920's and 1930's. The remodeled building houses All-Out-Baseball, a retail sporting goods store that solely focuses on baseball equipment and apparel.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.

Briza Apartment Exterior Walkways
Shoreline, WA
Modern Rustic Veil

Renovation of a 1960s apartment building including reinforcement of concrete walkways, replacement of rusting stairs and guardrails. The existing concrete walkway was unsupported and needed a new structural system to support it. We developed a heavy timber and steel system which could be constructed in sections and not interrupt the tenants ability to enter their apartments during installation.

This structural and construction solution inspired the 'Rustic Veil' which transformed the exterior facade into an inhabitable space.The clustered heavy timber posts rise to the sky like the trunks of the surrounding conifer trees while rooting the building into its context. The two different guardrail types are designed to give variation and partial privacy thus scaling down the long facade.

17th Street Apartments
Oakland, CA
New Clothes

The 17th Street Apartment Building included the transformation of the facade and entry of a non-descript 1960's apartment complex into a building with a balanced harmonic character.

We analyzed the original elevation by diagramming the composition's organizational parti to then reconstruct the facade from this order. Here we employed the use of color, texture and pattern to highlight the composition. Along with these graphic surface qualities we formed a discernable entrance through the use of landscape and architectural elements such as vegetation, fences, balconies and brackets.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.

Vernon Street Apartments
Oakland, CA
Stately Entry

The Vernon Street Apartments project transformed the facade and entry of a non-descript 1960's apartment building into a building with a new identity. The client had a desire to reflect the Art Deco style that was prominent in the area.

We developed a grand entrance element with its glass and steel awning, pilasters and fluted spandrel panel. We further softened the plane of the facade with rhythmic pilasters along the skyline and the rounding of the sharp edges.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.

Elmwood Hardware Building
Berkeley, CA
Quiet Elegance

The Elmwood Hardware Building project revitalized a worn out landmark retail building. The original 1920s building was built for the Elmwood Hardware store. We restored what remained of the original historic facade while infusing the new storefronts with a subtle contemporary elegance.

The original building had a low canvas awning that covered the transom windows and made the building feel depressed. We added a new glass and steel awning above the transom to allow more daylight to enter into the stores and for the building to have an uplifting presence on the street during the day and a glow at night.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.

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