Kleemann-Fischer Residence
Mercer Island, WA

The Kleemann-Fischer Residence addition/remodel is intended to support the needs of a growing family. We were tasked with reworking the internal sleeping quarters, developing a kids zone and adding a new family workroom.

The workroom is placed over an existing exterior deck. As a result, the decision was made to also enclose the space beneath the deck, thus creating a new bedroom on the ground level. The workroom is flanked on either end with corner windows that provide the sensation of being nestled within the tree branches. The roof form of the addition splays upward at both ends thus defining separate zones within, while expanding the volume of the space and framing the lush landscape beyond. The new volume and roof is seamlessly integrated into the existing house structure.

Schwab Residence
Berkeley, CA
Treasure Box

The Schwab Residence created a new space that would welcome home the client's son, daughter-in-law and their young grandchildren. The stair was designed to be the heart of the space that connects the upper sleeping platform from the lower entertainment area.

Each varying tread of the unfolding stair with its harp-like railing could be a place for the children to imagine and play. As you enter the room there is a window placed at the children's eye level, which acts as a datum point for the children to measure their memories from. The design was patterned after a finely crafted treasure box.

Completed while at Kahn Design Associates.

Ford-Watts Residence
Renton, WA
Terrace: Greene & Greene

An exterior terrace addition to a 1920s' traditional brick house on a hill. The terrace overlooks the southern portion of Seattle's Puget Sound. The existing exposed heavy-timber roof members inspired our design, together with influences of Greene & Greene - Arts & Craft Style and contemporary materials and fabrication techniques.

Suzuki-Jaecks Residence
Mercer Island, WA
Saddle Steps

The Suzuki-Jaecks Residence addition includes a new entrance vestibule and family room over an existing garage. We inserted the new vestibule so that it is oriented perpendicular to the street with a horizontal corner window to direct visitors to the place of arrival. Upon entering the house the space expands upward into the family room above.

We integrated the existing with the new by, stepping down the new roof forms, adding a translucent porch canopy, thoughtfully applying color, and weaving the materials. A new dramatic stair system links the new lower and upper level, while maintaining an open visual connection between with a clerestory saddle above.

Heyman-Cotrell Residence
Seattle, WA
New Entrance: Campfire

A new entrance vestibule & covered porch addition to a modest 1950s' traditional house with a view of the Seattle Puget Sound. We added an intimate 60 sq. ft. light filled vestibule with an orange translucent polycarbonate covered porch. The orange glow permeates the house on gray days and in the summer it radiates a warm soft light. At night, the orange glow is welcoming like a campfire as it lights up the entrance of the West Seattle home

Macias Residence
Burien, WA
Structured Outdoor Living Space

The creation of outdoor living space that could be used in both rain and sun common in the Puget Sound. We constructed a simple timber structural grid with a polycarbonate roof. The roof slides past the front of the house so that the new structure would feel like it was integrated into the house and not just attached to it.

Hoskins -Carmen Residence
Issaquah, WA
ADU: Bird's Nest

This project adjacent to the Issaquah river, added an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) with a drive through garage. The site is located within a flood plain. We accepted the challenge of how and where to locate the addition given the stringent restrictions of building within a flood plain. The design concept was for the addition to feel like a new barn like extension (using common materials) to blend into the existing house. Inside we used reclaimed wood and vintage appliances to soften and age the experience. The upper floor has views on three sides into the forest and captures the limited light filtering through the dense conifer tree grove.

Miller Residence
Half Moon Bay, CA
Junk Ship

The Miller Residence created a new home intended to embrace the site and a view of the ocean. The building's form is wedged into the site, and expands outward toward the southern light and ocean.

The character of the house was derived from the moored boats in the marina below. The vaulted form of the great room is the bow, the glass railing is the deck, and the cantilevered deck is the lookout perch, adjoining the fireplace's flue as the ship's mast. Inside the captain's quarters contain a magical lantern and an oculi to navigate the skies.

Austin-Lazzar Residence
Snohomish, WA
Light and Vistas

This project is a remodel of a 1996 Homebuilder's generic traditional house. There were poorly built decorative arches, trim elements and moldings spread throughout the existing house. We developed a concept that would modify 10% of the existing building elements with a strategy of value/cost, subtraction/addition along with construction in several phases.

The design was initiated by our client's desire to expand and remodel the kitchen and various other rooms of their house. The project's touchstone is the heart of their home - the kitchen. The client's taste leaned toward Amish and Shaker design, so we embraced this opportunity and developed a vision of light filled simplicity with a contemporary shakers' hand and eye.

Some strategic moves, adjustments and a few new interior elements combined to create a new open, light filled experience within the existing building envelope.

The design opened up the enclosed ground floor rooms, so they would function as a series of spaces that flow through and into each other. Natural light and vistas from all four directions permeates the space, creating the feeling of spaciousness and connection throughout.

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